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I am an extrusion consultant and educator, and have been working with plastics extrusion since 1955 -- first as a technical service engineer with Union Carbide Plastics, and then independently since 1961.  I now do three things:

  1. Extrusion education
  2. PUBLIC ONE-DAY SEMINARS scheduled from time to time. -- see below, No.1

    IN-HOUSE PRIVATE TRAINING SEMINARS as arranged, combined with problem-solving and other consulting if desired.

    ONE-HOUR WEBINARS on extrusion and other topics, see below, No 2.

  3. Author and publisher of THE PLASTICS EXTRUSION OPERATING MANUAL, now in its 21st revised edition.
  4. Private consulting work, including help in getting started in extrusion, troubleshooting, On-Call Technical Service and legal assistance.

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1. Live Full-Day Seminars, Introduction to Extrusion

  • Southeast -- Greenville, SC (between Charlotte & Atlanta), Tuesday, June 24
  • Midwest -- Chicago (Schaumburg, near O'Hare airport), Thursday, June 26

This is my basic introductory course that I've taught to over 5000 people since its first session back in 1979.

Cost to attend a seminar is $495 for one, $250 for each additional person from same company, lunch included.

For questions or to register, please call 301-758-7788 or email algriff@griffex.com

Attendees can bring samples and questions (response in private if requested).

For content in more detail, click on Seminars button above.

This seminar is also available on an in-plant basis in 1- and 2-day formats -- please call or email for details.

2. My Webinars

Between 2010 and 2013, I presented 16 1-hour free webinars hosted by Modern Plastics Worldwide and www.plasticstoday.com.

We had a typical registration of over 500 and in a few cases we went over 1000! 

The series ended in 2013, but has now been renewed (again sponsored by www.plasticstoday.com and still free to viewers). The first topic, presented on May 12, 2014, was the most popular in the 2010-2013 period,

The Ten (11) Key Principles of Extrusion

The next one will be "Safety in Extrusion," on or about July 16, 2014, 2 pm Eastern US time

More topics will be presented later this year, and will be announced here on my website as well as by email when exact dates are determined.

All the features of my earlier webinars will be retained -- questions and comments can be sent during or after the session, and all will be answered by email soon afterward.

For questions, please call me at 301-758-7788 or email algriff@griffex.com.

seminars and
                  webinars Extrusion Manual Consulting
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